For all gigs where the venue/client has sent you a gig offer - Muso automates all invoicing and payment for offers accepted from venues/clients AND the gigs that you’ve invoiced for via the ‘Invoice a client’ feature.

As soon as your gig is played OR as soon as you invoice a client via your mobile app, then an invoice is generated and sent to the venue/client automatically, saving you the need to generate and send the invoice yourself. Artists are paid immediately for gigs as soon as the venue/client themselves has paid for the corresponding gig. Typically artists are paid the following Friday after their gig.

For gigs you accept that typically involves your agent, your agent will be responsible for handling payment to you instead of Muso. In the case where you are normally paid for gigs by the venue for gigs that your agent gets you, then in this case Muso would pay you directly.

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