Booked gigs must have an offer accepted by the artist/supplier

To request an artist/supplier for an event, the venue sends out an offer to them via email. The offer can be sent to multiple artists or just to one only. When the artist/supplier accepts the offer the event is confirmed in Muso and locked into the venue calendar. Invoicing and payment is automated for events that have been accepted from the venue offer.

How this works

At the end of your act an invoice is automatically generated and sent to the venue/client, saving you the need to do this yourself. The invoice is paid to Muso from the venue and the Muso will pay you directly as the confirmed booked artist/supplier. Generally suppliers are paid the following Friday after the event however this may vary depending on the venue or group who controls the payment process timeframe.

Payment for artists and agents

Gone are the days of receiving payment per event. Now, the Muso system will generate one weekly invoice for all of your events across all venues on the Muso system. Muso will also now make payments for events in bulk, instead of paying you per event. Muso will settle payments your way in bulk based on your weekly invoice that is automatically generated.

Payment confirmation

An email confirmation and remittance is provided for each payment and details are available in your Muso profile to filter, download and reconcile past payments.

What this means for artist/suppliers

Suppliers no longer invoice the venue directly. Instead, Muso takes care of this on their behalf with an automated invoicing process. To recap, do not send venues any invoices if booked on Muso as creates confusion at the venue and risks potential duplicate payments.

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