Our traditional payment system is seamless & easy to understand, as per below:

Step 1 - Set your budget 

Step 2 - Select your artist & make an offer

Step 3 - Select Credit Card, Direct Debit (coming soon) or Invoicing

Step 4 - Artist accepts offer

Step 5 - The following Monday, you will be asked to review all your gigs for the previous week. Your review of the artist will then trigger payment from your specified bank account/credit card OR you will receive one invoice on the following Tuesday if you have selected 'Invoicing' as your payment method.

Step 6 - Remittance will be sent straight to your nominated account email. 

Note - In the unlikely event that the artist doesn't rock up, when reviewing the artist, you may select 'The Artist didn't show' in app. This will hold the payment until a Muso rep investigates further.

If you operate off a different method of payments/invoicing, then please do get in touch, we can easily accommodate.

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