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How does payment work for booked gigs at my venue?
How does payment work for booked gigs at my venue?

Muso pays artists on behalf of the venue. Learn more about how this works

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Muso automates the invoice process for artists so you won't receive any artist invoices when the gig is booked on Muso. Here's how this works:

Sending artist offers for your gigs:

  1. Set your budget in the event card when adding a new gig into the venue calendar

  2. Select the payment method (Credit Card or Invoicing)

  3. Pick the artist for the gig & send out an offer to them

  4. Artist accepts the offer to confirm the event in the venue calendar, then completes the gig

Checking invoice charges

To ensure invoice charges are correct, every Monday you'll receive a weekly timesheet of all your gigs for the previous week. Review and submit any amendments needed by the deadline.

Reviewing gigs

Your review of the artist will trigger payment from your specified bank account/credit card. If you have selected 'Invoicing' as your payment method you'll receive a consolidated invoice the next day (every Tuesday). Remittance will be emailed to your Muso account.

Automatic payment to artists

Muso will pay all artists on behalf of the venue and provide them with remittance and email confirmation.

In the unlikely event that the artist doesn't arrive for the gig, flag this in the weekly timesheet by selecting 'The Artist didn't show'. This will hold payment until Muso can investigate further.

Note - if you have received an artist invoice in error, don't process or the artist will receive duplicate payments as paid via Muso for all gigs booked on the platform.

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