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Creating new events in the venue calendar
Creating new events in the venue calendar

How do I create a new gig/event?

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It's easy to set up new events in your venue calendar, and once saved they will appear in the Muso artist gig feed for artists to show their interest. New events can be created from Muso website or using the Muso mobile app:

Muso website
Select the 'New Event' button from your hirer dashboard or from your venue Calendar and enter the required information into the 5 sections of the event card, before clicking 'Finish' to save into your venue calendar.

Muso mobile app
Click the (+) icon in the top left corner of the screen and follow the steps to enter the gig Information and create your event(s).

Once the event is in the calendar, find an artist and send them an offer. Once the artist/supplier accepts the offer the event is confirmed!

Pro tips:

  • If you have regular entertainment throughout the year, save time by creating event templates for future use

  • events can be single/one off or recurring (weekly/fortnightly) depending on your requirements

  • Auto top-up: use this handy feature on recurring event schedules to automatically create another recurring series of the event when the last scheduled date has been completed. *This does not send out artist offers for the new events so these are still needed for each of the automatically created draft events in the series

Have a look at this video, where we walk through the event creation process:


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