Easily upload music/videos to your profile to show potential hirers what you're all about. MP3 and MP4 files are accepted.

This provides venue hirers with an inside view to who they are booking and are 90% more likely to book an artist who has music/videos uploaded to their profile compared to those who don't.

Uploading via Web view/desktop

Go into your (+) Music Manager from the left hand side (4th icon from the top) to upload new files to your profile.

Edit the file to add genre, update the title and add an image to the thumbnail when displayed on your profile page. One upload can be flagged as the Artist Pick to display first.

Uploading via Muso mobile app

You can easily upload music/videos to your profile via clicking the (+) icon in the top left corner of your screen.

Tap '+' again then choose to select the file and upload. Add the song title, genre, upload a cover image and select which one is your Artist pick to display first.

Check out the in app product tutorial here on how to upload music/videos from the web view (you must be logged into your Muso profile to view)

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