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What if I manage multiple venues?
What if I manage multiple venues?

Set up additional venue profiles and link them to your Muso account

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Muso is the perfect solution if you need to manage live music/entertainment for multiple venues. Email address is a required field when creating new venue hirer accounts and a venue profile is linked to the account.

If you manage more than one venue, you can create additional profiles for each venue and link them to your existing Muso account so you can access from one central login. There is no limit to the number of venue profiles linked to a Muso hirer account.

How to create new profiles:

  1. After logging into your Muso account, go to your profile in the bottom left corner then 'Add profile' or

  2. click the pen icon from your venue dashboard or

  3. Go to (...) 'More menu' then 'Hirer Profile' and pick 'Add new profile'

  4. Follow the system prompts and complete the required information:

    1. Business or personal hirer

    2. Venue name

    3. add venue profile/logo picture (can be added later)

    4. entertainment details

    5. existing artists to invite to your venue roster (can be skipped)

Switching between venue profiles within your Muso account:

  1. Toggle between venue profiles stored in the bottom left corner of the screen

  2. Easily switch between venue calendars from the pull down list when viewing a booking calendar. This allows easy booking for more than one venue from the same page

  3. Don't forget to create your venue artist/supplier roster for the new venue. Existing suppliers/artists on any of your other venue profiles may be added to the new venue roster

Check out this tutorial here on how to manage/switch between multiple venue profiles.

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