Muso is the perfect platform if you have multiple acts. Your email address is the required field when creating your Muso account to have your artist/supplier profile linked to your account.

If you perform multiple acts, start by signing up with your main act to begin with. From there, you can easily add new acts under the same account so you can access from one central login.

How to create new profiles:

  1. After logging into your Muso account, go to your orb/profile in the bottom left corner then 'Add artist profile' or

  2. Go to (...) 'More menu' then 'Artist Profile' and pick 'Add new profile'

  3. Follow the system prompts and complete the required information then save

  4. You may create as many additional profiles as needed, all linked to the same Muso account

Switching between venue profiles within your Muso account:

  1. Toggle between artist/supplier profiles stored in the bottom left corner of the screen or

  2. Go to (...) More menu to 'Artist Profile' then click the relevant profile

  3. Don't forget to check all profiles for new offers and make sure to accept offers to lock in the booking

  4. You can also switch profiles in the mobile app by clicking the title of the page at the top of screen e.g. 'Gig Feed'

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