It's really simple.

You will create your artist profile then select your artist type and genre(s). Based off what you select there, you will be able to scroll through a 'Gig Feed'. Your 'Gig Feed' will be a customized feed that shows you all the local available gigs near you. The ones that are the best match to you in terms of location, tempo and artist style will appear at the top of the feed. If you come across a gig that you can play then you simply hit an 'Audio Jack' button that expresses your interest in the gig. The hirer will then be notified of your interest, who can then review your music and send you an offer for a gig. Alternatively, hirers have a number of search tools and may in fact send direct offers to you without you showing interest. Following your performance, the hirer will review you, triggering automated invoices and payment to your nominated bank account with 2-3 business days.

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