Muso does not withhold any tax amounts on artist/supplier payments for booked events on the platform. This means that all Muso suppliers are responsible for accounting for and managing their own tax return each financial year. Muso suggests amounts per earnings on the platform are set aside in case needed to pay to the ATO.

Please note that the amount owed or claimed at the end of the financial year depends largely on the tax bracket in which you sit in. For more information regarding this, please see the ATO website here.

Muso only passes on GST amounts collected for booking payments to artists/suppliers who have saved their GST registered ABN in a profile associated to their Muso account.

If you do not have an ABN or you're not GST registered then you will carry no responsibility for GST; Muso will be responsible for handling GST paid by venues/hirers. 

Check out these articles from our friends at Music Victoria and Music NSW for more information.

View this article to add your ABN to your profile in Muso

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