Do musicians have to pay to create an account?

You do not have to pay anything to create an account on Muso, it’s completely free! This includes your Muso profile, calendar and access to booking tools.

How does Muso make money?

Muso charges a 15% commission ONLY for new gigs that are booked on Muso. We do not take commission if an artist has a pre-existing relationship with a venue that starts using Muso. So, if you’ve had the same gig at the same pub for years, we will not take commission, because Muso doesn’t have the right to,

Muso has just been adopted by a venue that I play at, what does that change?

It essentially changes nothing about the nature of the gig. We do not take commission on gigs that have a pre-existing relationship. We don’t have the right to. The only thing that changes is that your gig will now be managed through Muso, giving you access to automated invoicing, payment and booking tools.

How does Muso make live music easier?

Muso is built to make the admin side of Muso easy. All your gigs are organised in one place, all the detail you need about the gig is there, including equipment and contact details. The fee is agreed upfront and locked in and payment is automated and arrives within 3 days of playing your gig. No more raising and chasing invoices.

How does payment work on Muso?

Payment on Muso is completely automated and secure. An invoice is automatically raised for the artist and sent to the hirer, the Muso system then ensures it is paid. Artists can expect payment of the agreed fee in their account between 2 - 3 working days. Payment on Muso is guaranteed and secure, all payments are pre-authorised, meaning there are no nasty surprises when the payment comes through. You receive the whole amount of what was expected, on time, every time, without the admin.

Does Muso directly pay the musician or is it the venue owner?

The venue pays Muso, Muso pays the artist. This is done to ensure that the payment liability falls on Muso and guarantees payment for the artist. By doing this Muso incurs the financial risk on behalf of the artist to ensure the artist gets paid on time every time.

Is Muso secure?

Yes Muso is secure, all user data is encrypted and produced under our privacy policy. All payments are made through a secure 3rd party gateway called PinPayments.

How much can a musician expect to get paid?

The minimum hourly fee on Muso is $75 per hour. Hirers cannot put budgets in for under that rate. However, we find that the average is around $100 per hour per musician. The average gig fee is $300.00 on Muso, which is usually for a 3 hour solo gig.

Which states does Muso serve?

Muso is a national platform. Our primary areas of operation are Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, however Muso is available for use in all states and territories of Australia.

How can Muso help me with tax?

Muso stores all of your payments on your profile. You can export your payment data in bulk during tax return season to keep an accurate track of your earnings for the year.

What is the gig feed?

The gig feed is Muso’s premium gig hub. All venues on Muso list gigs, these gigs appear on the gig feed - think of it like a newsfeed for gigs. Gigs are limited so we do not grant gig feed permission to all Musicians.

How do I get access to the gig feed?

The Muso team looks at every single profile created on Muso. The profiles that are full of content and up to standard are given access to the gig feed based on demand for their artist type. We also assess artists on stage readiness to ensure that artists who have access to the gig feed are able to play live comfortably.

What community initiatives does Muso offer?

Muso is so much more than an app, by joining Muso you join a large community of artists who are in the same stage of their career as you. Our community Facebook group (Side Stage) offers access to exclusive industry Q&A’s, panels and workshops.

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