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Want to know more about using Muso in your venue? Check out these commonly asked questions.

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How does Muso make live music easier?

We know that organising live music can be time consuming. From finding the musician, negotiating fees, communicating and paying musicians, these tasks take hours if not days each week. Muso streamlines everything from discovering new acts, payment to suppliers and providing all information about the event to the booked artist to ensure that you find high quality acts as efficiently as possible.

How much does Muso cost?

It's free to use the Muso platform for artists and venue hirers. Muso charges a 15% commission ONLY for new gigs booked using Muso artists that were found/discovered on the platform.

We do not take commission if an artist has a pre-existing relationship with a venue and that venue starts using Muso at the artists request. So, if you’ve had the same artist play at your venue for years, we will not take commission for those gigs.

How does payment work on Muso?

Muso offers multiple payment options for hirers. Including credit card, direct debit and invoicing methods. At the end of each week, you'll need to approve all charges from the entertainment that was booked in your venue calendar and review each performance. Once you complete the review, Muso will initiate payment directly to the artist on behalf of the venue. Muso will not charge you for any events that didn’t go ahead.

Who pays the musician?

Muso handles all payments operations, including raising the invoice on behalf of the artist and providing a remittance on behalf of the hirer. We streamline the payment process and pay the artist on the hirers behalf.

How are the artists on Muso screened?

Muso reviews each new artist that signs up to Muso and selects the acts that have access to the Muso gig feed - this is where your gigs are listed. We assess musicians on experience, stage presence and quality of content. Our artist team is also heavily connected to the music industry/community and scout new artists to join the platform every week to ensure you have access to the best talent they can find.

What genres of music acts does Muso offer to venues?

From 12pc Cuban bands to classical pianists to indie rock bands, we have a diversity of artists from all corners of the industry. If you can’t find a specific musician type reach out to our team, we will source them or you. We've even scouted a few bouzouki players for a Greek venue - no joke.

What happens if a musician cancels last minute?

We heavily discourage musicians when it comes to cancellations. But we understand that things can happen that are our of the artists control. Hirers will get a full refund in the case of a cancellation by the artist.

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