Direct bookings

Please note: All invoices are generated on your behalf. Do not invoice the venue or Muso (if you use a system to generate invoices, please redirect the invoices to your own email if you need them for reconciliation purposes).

Step 1: Ensure you accept all offers across the venues that you work with

Step 2: At the end of each week, Muso will automatically generate a weekly invoice for you, which will represent all of your events across all of your venues (example here)

  • P.S. Each Monday, the venue confirms the previous week’s gigs on Muso. Based on this, Muso automatically invoices the venue at the agreed amount for payment.

Step 3 (optional): Add your own custom invoice # to your weekly auto-generated Muso invoice for easy reconciling.

Step 4: Muso will make pay runs every Tuesday and Friday 5pm

  • Muso will pass on payment for all gigs where the venue has paid

  • On average, this payment will take up to 14 days from your gig (per invoice week)

  • If some venues within your weekly invoice have not yet paid, then this may mean your weekly invoice is partially paid by Muso

Step 5: When Muso settles payment your way for a given weekly invoice, we will send you an email & PDF remittance

Step 6: Payments will now land in bulk for your weekly invoices, so no more matching up individual Muso payments with individual gigs. Happy reconciling!

  • On average, this payment will take up to 14 days from your gig (per invoice week)

  • The funds may take a couple of days to appear in your account depending on which bank your are with

  • To get paid, ensure you’ve added your bank details to your profile (‘More’ menu; 3 dots)

Bookings with an agency

Please note: Your agent will continue to be your payer for your gigs; meaning your payment process won’t change.

1. The agency invoices Muso for all of the gigs in the prior week (expected on Monday). If this is not supplied, Muso generates an invoice based on the information in the platform that was added by the agent (your bookings)

2. Muso sends the combined invoices from all agents and artists to the venue for payment

  1. In the case of a multi-venue group, Muso combines all venues invoices together for all venues within the group and provides it for payment by head office

3. Once Muso has been paid by the venue (group), Muso releases the funds to the agency

4. On average, this payment to the agent will take up to 14 days after your gig

5. Muso must receive an invoice from the agency to release funds

6. The agency will then pay you based on your terms with them

Note: If you are booked by an agent, but paid by the venue, refer to ‘Direct bookings’ above

Viewing the status of your payments in real-time

We've added the ability to see real-time updates on the status of each outstanding invoice/payment. See how many reminders have been sent to the venue and the scheduled date for upcoming payments. These can be viewed within your ‘Earnings’ screen, which is accessed via the more menu (...), then hover mouse over the ‘Status’ column to display payment information. *This is currently only available from web view and not yet released within mobile apps

Make sure to check your ‘Earnings’ screen to view updates on all outstanding payments before contacting Muso Support. If a gig has been added late, you’ll see a ‘Late’ text tag in the ‘Event Date’ column. Payment for gigs added late is approx 14 days after the date added to Muso.

*This is currently only available from web view and not yet released within mobile apps

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