If you want to use Muso for all of your gigs, this is how! (Getting your other venues to use Muso)

Many artists love the Muso payment system. It’s quick, easy and simple. In reality, no one wants to spend time raising invoices and chasing up venues, right?

If you want to centralise your gigs into one calendar you can do so by invoicing a venue that isn’t on Muso through our ‘Invoice a Client’ feature. This will bring all your gigs into one management system.

All your gigs will be organised and paid through Muso, and you can easily track the status of all of your gig payments in one place.

You can find and use the ‘invoice a client not on Muso’ tool in your ‘More Menu’. This will automatically send the venue an invoice on your behalf and track its status on Muso.

We will automatically follow up that venue until they pay.

And the whole thing is completely free, we do not take commission.

*Note: Please make sure you do not use this system for gigs booked on Muso, but feel free to use it for other gigs to make payments easier!

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