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Agent payment process
Agent payment process

Learn how payments work for agents

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Gone are the days of receiving payment per event. Now, the Muso system will generate one weekly invoice for all of your events across all venues on the Muso system. Muso will also now make payments for events in bulk, instead of paying you per event. Muso will settle payments your way in bulk based on your weekly invoice that is automatically generated.

Note - Muso will create weekly invoices for and bulk pay you on per Muso account basis.

Please note: As the agency, you will continue to be the payer for gigs you book; meaning your payment process with your artists won’t change. If the artist typically receives payment from the venue/client directly, then Muso will be responsible for paying your acts directly.

Step by step

Step 1: Ensure you book in all of your events across all of the venues that you work with

Step 2: At the end of each week, Muso will automatically generate a weekly invoice for you, which will represent all of your events across all of your venues. I've attached a PDF example below of what this invoice will look like.

  • If you wish to understand the status of any invoice and/or download your invoice or remittance, you can do so at any point via your 'Payments' screen here

  • Please do NOT invoice Muso any longer. All payments are automated from the booking calendar

  • Important note: Muso will continue to pay the artist directly if that is the current arrangement.

Step 3 (optional): To easily match and reconcile payment amounts that land in your bank, you can add your own custom invoice # to your weekly auto-generated Muso invoice. Alternatively, you may wish to copy the Muso invoice # into your own accounting system. Either way will work! See video guide here.

  • To ensure simple reconciling within your own accounting system, Muso highly recommends that you create 1X sales invoice weekly to Muso using the invoice total and information from your weekly auto-generated Muso invoice. This will ensure that Muso deposits will sync up with your weekly accounting system generated invoices. ka

Step 4: Muso will make pay runs every Tuesday and Friday 5pm, whereby all events that have been paid by the venue, will be passed on in bulk your way (based on your weekly auto-generated Muso invoice)

  • If you're an agent where Muso pays your acts directly, then the Muso system will continue to settle payments to your acts directly

  • There may be occasions where your weekly auto-generated Muso invoices are partially paid. This will happen if there are some venues on your weekly invoice that settle payment later than others.

  • On average, this payment to the agent will take up to 14 days after the Sunday of each invoice week The agency will then pay artists based on its terms with them.

Step 5: When Muso settles payment your way for a given weekly invoice, we will send you an email & PDF remittance. I've attached a PDF below that shows what this remittance will look like

Step 6: Payments will now land in bulk for your weekly invoices, so no more matching up individual Muso payments with individual gigs. Happy reconciling!

  • The description of Muso deposits cannot unfortunately reference the invoice week or invoice number, but bulk payments will ensure much simpler reconciling based on the matching of weekly invoice totals.

**NOTE: make sure you have added your bank details to your agent profile in Muso so payment can be made to your nominated bank account.

Tracking the payment status of your invoices/events

We've added the ability to see real-time updates on the status of each outstanding invoice/payment. See how many reminders have been sent to the venue and the scheduled date for upcoming payments. These can be viewed within your ‘Payments’ screen, which is accessed via the more menu (...), then hover mouse over the ‘Status’ column to display payment information. *This is currently only available from web view and not yet released within mobile apps

Events added to the calendar after the booked date, or approved late may delay your payment/s. Each week Muso consolidates the charges for confirmed bookings to be invoiced. Confirmed bookings require an offer sent and accepted by the artist before the event date.

Missed dates, pending offers and draft events are not included on the weekly invoice and will be flagged as late booked if added or confirmed after the event date. In these cases, charges may be delayed from invoicing which extends the timeframe for payment processing.

If you, or the venue has added or confirmed a gig late, it will be flagged with a 'Late' text tag in the ‘Event Date’ column within your 'Payments' screen. Be sure to check your ‘Payments’ screen for to view real time updates for payments.*This is currently only available from web view and not yet released within mobile apps

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