Please note: As the agency, you will continue to be the payer for gigs you book; meaning your payment process with your artists won’t change. If the artist typically receives payment from the venue/client directly, then Muso will be responsible for paying your acts directly.

1. Muso will automatically generate an invoice for and will pay you as the agent based on the gigs loaded in the Muso system (if you typically receive payment from Muso).

  • You can easily track your invoices and payments via the web or mobile applications via your more menu, then clicking into ‘Payments & Invoices’. From this screen you can see payment statuses, download remittances and enquire about payments. You'll receive a payment confirmation email with venue details for each payment made

  • Important note: Muso will continue to pay the artist directly if that is the current arrangement.

  • It is absolutely essential that all gigs are added into the Muso system and confirmed to ensure you’re paid on time each week for every gig

  • If needed, make sure add missed gigs and/or update booked gigs.

  • Please do NOT invoice Muso any longer. All payments are automated from the booking calendar

2. Muso sends the combined invoices from all agents and artists to the venue for payment

  • In the case of a multi-venue group, Muso combines all venues invoices together for all venues within the group and provides it for payment by head office

3. Once Muso has been paid by the venue (or group), Muso releases the funds to the agency. On average, this payment to the agent will take up to 14 days after your gig. The agency will then pay artists based on its terms with them.

**NOTE: make sure you have added your bank details to your agent profile in Muso so payment can be made to your nominated bank account.

7. For any discrepancies between agent invoices and venue reports, the lower amount is paid and a process is provided to follow to reconcile the issue and ensure accurate payment.

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