Do I pay anything to use Muso?

No. All costs for Muso are borne by the venue who has invited you to the platform.

You will see a ‘booking fee’ on the interface. Ignore this as it is a cost absorbed by the venue.

In the future, Muso aims to build a more comprehensive platform specifically designed for agents to streamline your administration and operations. This will be an optional tool that you can opt in for if you’re interested.

Do you take commission for bookings on Muso?

No - Muso does not take commission for any gigs that you book as an agent on Muso. Your relationship with your artists and the venue are not impacted.

How does payment work?

The payment process with Muso is very simple.

Muso will automatically generate an invoice pay you as the agent for your booked gig that are confirmed venue calendar (if you typically receive payment from Muso).

  • Important note: Muso will continue to pay the artist directly if that is the current arrangement.

When do I get paid?

For most events payment takes an average 14 days. All suppliers are paid weekly and sometimes payment will come earlier than 14 days.

I get paid a separate ‘service fee’ for organising the entertainment, how can I charge this?

Add a seperate booking into the calendar and select 'agent management fees'. Enter the amount and save to add to the calendar for payment each week.

How do I pay my artists?

You still pay your own artists. Muso will not pay your artists directly. Whilst each artist will have their own profile on the platform, the platform still pays you as their agent, and you will pay them as normal.

What if I organise the artists, but the venue normally pays the artists directly?

If you happen to be an agency/booker that does not pay your artists (i.e. you organise the artists, but they are paid directly), then you must inform Muso so we can set you up accordingly on the system (

Once set up, we will automate all payments to the artist through the system.

How do I get set up for payment?

There’s not much to do to make sure you’re ready to receive payment. Follow the step(s) below and you’re ready to go.

1. Add your bank details

2. Book the gigs that are assigned to you on the platform

3. Add any missed gigs that the venue may have forgotten (confirm with your venue)

Once the venue pays for their entertainment, we’ll pay you.

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