Payment process explained

Setting up:

  1. All events must be added to your Muso Calendar ahead of the start time of the gig (two months in advance suggested)

  2. You must send offers to your suppliers for each direct booking

  3. You must assign agents to the events that those agents book (these agents will send offers for those gigs)


  1. Each Monday, the venue confirms the previous week’s gigs on Muso - this is done via the Weekly Report.

  2. Based on this, Muso automatically invoices the venue at the agreed amount for payment.

  3. Once the venue (or group) pays Muso, Muso pays the suppliers (the artist directly, and/or the agent who booked the artist)

  4. On average, the payment time to suppliers from the date of their gig is 14 days (or 10 days from Weekly Report/Invoice)

  5. To ensure efficient and accurate payment, ensure you’re completing the Weekly Report on time each week.

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