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How to add missed & pending gigs to the calendar after the event
How to add missed & pending gigs to the calendar after the event

Quick add event process for missed gigs on past dates

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What is a missed gig?

Missed gigs won't be included in the weekly invoice and won't get paid.

If you've somehow missed adding the booking into the calendar before the event, this can be rectified by adding a past event into the calendar. This will include the gig details on the next invoice and ensure the artist receives payment.

How to add a missed gig as a past event into the calendar:


  1. Hover over the past date then click + Add event

  2. Enter the details including the artist and budget

  3. Create Event


  1. Tap (+) then + New Event

  2. Select ‘Missed Gig’ from the top right corner

  3. Enter details including artist and budget

  4. Finish to save

What is a pending/unfilled gig?

Bookings that have had an offer sent out but not accepted by the artist remain pending/unfilled in the calendar and aren't included in the weekly invoice for payment.In the calendar, these display in grey with the flag '1 offer'.

How to update pending/unfilled gigs:

After the gig, hover over the pending gig to reveal the tick and click it to update. As the date is in the past the artist offer will automatically be accepted.

Watch the video tutorial here for assigning artists for unfilled gigs in your calendar.

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