Once soundcheck has commenced you can update the set times for your bookings directly via the Muso platform, web and mobile.

Set times can be updated for any event up until the Monday 5am following.

For any changes missed by Monday 5am, please contact the venue directly to ensure they submit their Weekly Timesheet with the correct set times/payment amounts.

To make sure you’re paid the correct amount, please update your set times whenever changes occur, either during or as soon as you've completed your event.

Updating set times for your booked gigs/events

  1. View your gig calendar and select the booked event (times can only be adjusted once the event has started or can be done once completed)

  2. Click 'Update set times/payment'

  3. Enter the new start or end time

  4. Save changes

  5. Gig earnings will automatically adjust when updated times are saved

Watch how to do this in our video tutorial here

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