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Set up and manage your Muso venue roster of artists/entertainers
Set up and manage your Muso venue roster of artists/entertainers

Build your venue roster of artists & suppliers for event bookings

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The venue roster is the list of artist/supplier profiles to book for your venue entertainment. Keep your venue roster up to date by regularly adding new acts so you've always got the best talent at your fingertips.

New users/venues: Begin by setting up your venue roster before starting to book.

Where to find your venue roster:

Open your venue calendar and view your venue roster list in 'My Acts' (lower RH corner)

How to edit your venue roster list of My Acts"

Click the pen icon to edit your roster and view the expanded the list displayed on the LHS of the screen.

Managing your venue roster

(Detailed information and system steps for each are provided below)

  1. Invite artists/suppliers

  2. Discover new artists via the Muso marketplace

  3. Engage the Muso Curation team

  4. Update and manage your venue roster (ongoing)

  1. How to invite new suppliers to Muso:

  1. From the venue calendar go to 'My Acts'

    1. New venues: click '+' to Create Roster for the first time

    2. Existing: click the pen icon to edit

  2. Click the purple Invite new supplier button in the top right corner

  3. Choose Direct/individual* or Company supplier* and enter their details into the form:

    1. First & last name

    2. Name of act

    3. Type of act

    4. Email address ** check this is correct as it's the unique identifier in Muso

    5. mobile number

  4. Click 'Invite Supplier' to send them an email invite to join Muso. This will automatically add a new supplier placeholder profile to your venue roster/My Acts

  5. Let the supplier know they need to set up their profile and add bank details for payment

    * supplier explanations are listed below

PRO TIP: Save time by using the bulk invite tool to add multiple suppliers at a time (max 6 each time)

How to search and add existing suppliers:

  1. Within My Acts (via venue calendar) switch between the options displayed in the middle of the page:

    1. Venue Group

    2. Booked

    3. Saved

      to view the list of artists/suppliers listed within each one

  2. To add an artist profile to roster:

    1. click the listing for their name to reveal and click '+' to add to the roster

    2. Alternatively, drag the profile line from the list to the venue roster on the left of the screen

  3. IMPORTANT: Select the correct option* when prompted by Muso purple pop up "How did you find this artist/act?"

    *this will affect artist payment amount

    1. Discovered on Muso = use this when you're adding an artist you've found on the Muso marketplace and will be booking for the first time

    2. Known artist/booked previously (prior relationship) = artists you are inviting into Muso for booking, suppliers who have been booked at other venues in your group and suppliers you've booked before or are known to you outside of the Muso platform ie they were not discovered on Muso by searching the marketplace

  4. Save Roster before exiting or else changes may be lost

2. Discovering new artists on Muso Marketplace

  1. Check out Muso artist profiles by clicking 'Browse New Suppliers' or

  2. Find Muso artists via the magnifying glass from the left hand menu

    1. Search through artist profiles, view their reviews/ratings and listen to sound clips to find perfect acts to book for your venue

    2. Save artist profiles you like by clicking the heart icon (top right corner)

    3. Add to your venue roster by clicking '+' from the top right of the page

3. Engage the Curation team

Save time and let the Muso team do the work for you! They'll curate a roster of artists to book from your venue calendar.

4. Update and manage your venue roster: My Acts

  1. Go to My Acts list from your venue calendar and edit via the pen icon

  2. To remove a supplier profile:

    1. Within your venue roster, view the artist listed in the left column

    2. Hover mouse over artist profile listings to reveal 'x' next to their profile name

    3. Click 'x' to remove from venue roster (note this doesn't delete their profile from the system)

  3. Remember 'Save Roster' before closing the window!

  4. Search, add new and browse suppliers regularly using the steps above to keep your venue roster current.

    The list of artist and supplier profiles stored within My Acts is specific to that venue and will remain associated and in the venue roster until the profile is removed. If you manage multiple venues you'll need to set up a new venue roster for each one.

What happens when you invite a supplier to Muso?

  1. Invite email will be automatically sent from Muso to join your venue roster

  2. New suppliers need to activate their Muso account by clicking the unique link in the email invite. This will automatically assign the supplier to your venue roster

  3. New suppliers can be added to bookings straight away however won't be notified of new booking requests until they activate and set up their Muso account. Until then booking will be a placeholder only

    1. When viewing artist profiles in your roster, if it displays a purple circle with white initials this indicates the profile has not been set up yet. Send a follow up to remind suppliers to set up their Muso profile to prevent payment delays.

  4. Go to the Supplier list in the person silhouette icon in the LH menu:

    1. search and/or view the artist profile list

    2. go to the (...) to the right side of their listed name and click to reveal options to resend invite (pending supplier profiles only), edit or remove from supplier list

* Supplier definitions:

  • Individual direct supplier: entertainers that represent themselves for bookings and performances eg DJ, solo musician or band

  • Company supplier: companies who provide a specific entertainment service or activity (not an agency) by sending one of their licensees or hosts to your venue

    • examples of companies are Trivia, Poker or Karaoke suppliers that operate a franchise or licensee model at a larger scale and greater geographical area

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