Using Webview/desktop:

  1. Log in and view your Muso Profile

  2. Go to 'Edit Profile'

  3. Toggle Y next to the question "Do you have an ABN"

  4. Enter your Business Name

  5. Type in your ABN

  6. Confirm if you're registered for GST

  7. Save changes

Muso mobile app:

  1. Log in and view your artist profile. Scroll down to view 'About' then tap 'Edit'.

  2. Tap to select Yes that you have an ABN and enter your Business name and ABN (both are mandatory fields)

  3. (optional) Flag that your ABN is registered for GST

  4. Save (top left corner) all changes before exiting

*note: if you have more than one profile linked to your Muso account, you can add a different ABN to each one if needed

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