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Reconciling Muso payments
Reconciling Muso payments

How to add a custom invoice number, filter and export payments for reconciliation

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To easily match and reconcile payment amounts that land in your bank, you can add your own custom invoice # to your weekly auto-generated Muso invoice. Alternatively, you may wish to copy the Muso invoice # into your own accounting system. Either way will work! See video guide here.

  • To ensure simple reconciling within your own accounting system, Muso highly recommends that you create 1X sales invoice weekly to Muso using the invoice total and information from your weekly auto-generated Muso invoice. This will ensure that Muso deposits will sync up with your weekly accounting system generated invoices.

  1. Adding a custom/reference number:

  1. Log into Muso and go to (...) more menu then view payments

  2. Search for the invoice week

  3. Hover over the 'Your invoice #' column

  4. Enter your custom invoice number and save

2. Payment Remittance

You'll receive an automated payment remittance email and PDF attachment per weekly invoice, sent to your Muso specified account email for your records.

3. Send payment remittances to an Accounts email address:

Enter a different email address into Accounts email via your account settings, and Muso will automatically send payment remittances to this email instead of your agent account.

4. How to reconcile a range of payments:

Bulk reconcile your payments by using the following filters on your payments screen:

  • Invoice date

  • Payment date

  • Payment status

  • Keyword search (venue name, artist name, event name)

Download a CSV of payments in your bottom right corner, OR email the invoice/remittance to your accounts email.

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