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Agents: How to manage artist profiles in Muso
Agents: How to manage artist profiles in Muso

Agents can manage their artists profiles for them

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As an agent, you can manage your artists profiles on their behalf by using a separate email address to create a different Muso account and managing the artist profiles within that.

How this works:

Use your existing Muso agent account and book your acts into the venue calendars you’re assigned to. You’ll then be running a second Muso account with an artist profile for each of your acts within that account.

We recommend using the desktop/web view to book and send artist offers. To avoid confusion, download the Muso app to your phone and log into the Muso artist account you've set up. Keep the mobile app logged into the artist account and toggle between your artist profiles to accept offers as needed.

How to set up the new artist account and profile:

Make sure you’re logged into your Muso agent account for steps 1-4

  1. Go into ‘Artists’ from the left menu

  2. Click the ‘Add new artist/act’ button at the top of the screen

  3. Complete all fields of the ‘Add Supplier’ form:

    1. Your “first name”/artist acct

    2. Your “last name”/artist acct

    3. Name of your artist/act (you can add more profiles/acts later)

    4. Artist type for the act name entered above (you can add more profiles/acts later)

    5. Secondary email address being used for the artist account

    6. Your mobile number

    7. Relationship = Associated

    8. Assign venue access = select all venues you book for and assign

  4. Check all details carefully then click [Invite Supplier]. This will send an invite email to the email address input into the form

Grab your phone and complete steps 5 & 6 in the Muso mobile app as an artist:

5. Open the email invite and click on the link to activate the new artist account

6. Finish setting up the artist profile by adding images, socials and content

7. To manage additional acts, create a new artist profile for each one (stay logged into the artist account on the phone so they remain attached to the same email address.

For help creating multiple artist profiles, check out the Help Article here.

Once the profiles are ready, send out offers from your Muso agent account on desktop, and use your phone to accept offers within the artist profile, via your Muso artist account. Offers must be accepted to confirm the booking in the venue calendar.

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