Admin users can now submit or resubmit the weekly timesheet on behalf of a venue

Each weekly timesheet includes the previous week of events to be reviewed, amended where needed and approved for payment. The deadline for timesheet submission is Tuesday 10am each week unless communicated otherwise from your Head office.

Please note Weekly Timesheets are currently only delivered via Muso web view so need to be accessed from the desktop each time.

Step 1 :

Once logged in, start at the dashboard and toggle the 'W/C' (week commencing) date at the top of screen back to the previous week of events (Monday - Sunday).

Step 2:

Select the overflow menu (3 dots) for the venue to submit or re-submit the timesheet for, then select 'Weekly Timesheet'

Step 3:

Complete/update the weekly timesheet for the venue for the previous week of events then click to Submit Report.

Repeat the steps above for each venue as required. Learn more about how to amend bookings in the Weekly Timesheet process for Venue Managers

Reminder: You can only update timesheets up until Tuesday 10am each week for the previous week of events *unless otherwise advised by your Head Office

Want to know more? Check out the Weekly Timesheet FAQs

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