What is the Weekly Timesheet Report?

All entertainment and live music bookings are managed in Muso. Each venue is required to review the events of the previous week and approve them for payment on a weekly basis. This is done via the Weekly Timesheet Report and is the responsibility of every Venue Manager.

Artists and suppliers no longer invoice your venue directly as invoicing and payment is automated in Muso. The weekly timesheet confirms how much your suppliers will be paid for any given week and must be correct each week.

Why do I need to review this every Monday?

In order to be included on the weekly invoice payment, the report must be reviewed and submitted by the Venue Manager.

What do I need to do to complete the timesheet report?

  • Add any missed bookings to the Weekly Review

  • Make any amendments if there were changes to the sets performed

  • Ensure all payment amounts are correct for each gig

How do the artists and suppliers get paid?

Payment is automated through the Muso Platform for all artists and suppliers booked in Muso and funds are directly deposited to the bank details listed in their profile. When setting up new event bookings, make sure your artist is sent the offer. They must accept the offer to confirm the booking and receive payment.

When is the deadline for submitting the report each week?

Tuesday 10am AEST unless communicated otherwise from your Head Office

Timesheets are available in Muso from 5am each Monday until the cutoff time.

How do I access my venues timesheet?

You'll receive email notification when your timesheet is uploaded to your Muso account. Click on the link to be directed to the report.

Alternatively, after logging into Muso click on the 'Report' icon on the left hand menu (available after Monday 5am)

What happens if I miss the deadline?

After the cutoff time the system won't accept changes to events of the previous week. If the booking details were changed, an event was missed, or it didn't take place the payment amounts will be incorrect. Not only does this impact the artist, you're creating more work handling questions about incorrect or missed payments for your venue.

How do I review and submit the timesheet?

Carefully review the events and details to ensure they are correct. If changes are needed, each section is editable so you can update before submitting. After checking the details and making any changes, click 'Submit Report'.

What happens if I receive an invoice from a supplier?

Let the supplier know that invoices for entertainment bookings are no longer provided to any venue. All suppliers are paid automatically via Muso and venues should not be accepting any direct invoices as results in double payment. As long as the booking is confirmed in your venue calendar the payment will be made by Muso.

Need help?

Click on the Help icon down the bottom right corner of the screen.

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