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Weekly Timesheet processes for Venue Managers
Weekly Timesheet processes for Venue Managers

Venue Managers responsibilities every Monday: how to submit event charges

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Weekly Timesheets are available from 5am every Monday until cutoff time and are accessed after logging into Muso.

Go to 'Reports' > Weekly Report to display the Timesheet

The week commencing date will be displayed at the top of the timesheet:

  1. Booked gigs:

    1. Review each booking and check details carefully, rate using stars and leave a comment for the artist to view (optional)

  2. Editing Booked gigs:

    1. Hover over the Time section to display the pencil, click to edit

    2. Adjust the start or end time for the artists set and the budget amount will automatically update

    3. If needed, manually edit the Budget amount. Hover over Budget and click on the pen to change the amount the artist will be paid (exc GST)

    4. Hover over the date to change the date of the gig

  3. Cancelling Booked gigs:

    1. If the event didn't go ahead, remove it from the payment run by clicking on the (...) and select event cancelled or mark as artist no-show

    2. In case of error, reverse the action by clicking on the (...) and undoing the change

    3. When cancelled, event will not be included for payment

  4. Unbooked Gigs: these are not included in the payment run unless updated

    1. Add the artist or change the booking Agency to receive payment

    2. If offer was sent, details can be viewed in 'i' and select the artist if they played

    3. Unknown artists can be added or new artists invited to Muso and assigned to the booking

  5. Add new event:

    1. Easily add missing events by the quick 'Add new event' button (+)

    2. Complete the event form to add to the Booked gigs and add star rating

What is an unbooked gig?

If you've not sent the artist offer, or it was sent but the artist didn't accept it in Muso the system won't confirm the booking and include for payment. Unbooked gigs are not included in the invoice amount so if an artist played they won't get paid unless the details are updated in the timesheet.

How to check approved events for payment:

All booked events displayed in your venue calendar have been included in your submitted timesheet reports and will be paid by Muso after funds have been received by Head Office.

When does the artist/supplier receive payment?

Most artist payments are made approx. 14 days from when they played the gig. Please refer to the Artist Payment Cheat Sheet for further information.

Have another question about the Weekly Timesheet Report?

Check out the FAQ's page as it has everything you need to know!

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