Payment FAQ's for Venues

Everything you need to know about payment for your booked gigs

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Muso is designed to make every part of the booking process easier, this includes invoice approval and confirming payment to suppliers.

In order to ensure accurate payment, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter all of your entertainment bookings into the calendar (ahead of time)

  2. Send all offers to your direct suppliers and assign any applicable booking requests to the correct agents to book (if applicable)

  3. Complete your Weekly Timesheet each week on Monday by the agreed deadline

How do automated payments work?

Payments to artists/suppliers on Muso are automated - all you have to do is add events to your venue calendar and send out offers to your suppliers for direct bookings, or assign agents to book the events and they will send out offers for those bookings themselves (as previously arranged with the venue/agent)

From this point, you won’t be processing supplier invoices anymore.

We collate all invoices into one consolidated report for you to review each Monday, for the previous week. If payment is made by Head Office, confirmed invoice charges are sent to Head Office for approval and payment made to Muso. Muso then pays all suppliers and agents on behalf of the venue.

How do I approve event charges?

Each Monday at 5am, you'll receive an email notification that your Weekly Timesheet is ready for review. Click on the link to be directed to the report or find the ‘Report’ icon from the side menu bar, in Muso web view.

Review and confirm all gigs from the previous week. If needed amendments can be made to set times, budgets and suppliers before submitting the report. If you've missed a gig or need to make a change you can re-submit your weekly review by tapping the ‘Report’ icon from the side menu bar.

For any missed gigs after the deadline, add directly into your calendar and assign the correct artist for the event charges to be included in the following weeks events in the next Weekly Timesheet.

Who pays the invoice?

If you are an individually operated venue, then you will be responsible for payment of the Weekly Invoice.

If you are part of a group, invoices can be sent to Head Office for payment. This will be confirmed by your group.

What do my direct suppliers need to do?

Invite your suppliers into Muso so they're added to your venue roster and tell them to set up their Muso profile and accept your offers for bookings as they come through.

If they do this, all will run smoothly.

Because supplier invoices are automatically generated by the platform, they don’t have to do anything else to receive payment. If there are payment discrepancies e.g. they played a longer set and it wasn’t captured in your review, make sure to amend that in the following timesheet review to process payment.

What do I need to tell my artists/suppliers/agents?

The most important thing is that you’re clear with your suppliers not to send you any more invoices directly.

All supplier invoices will be automatically generated on their behalf by the platform, including any agents you work with.

This requires you to have all entertainment booked and confirmed in your calendar (with offers sent to suppliers for each booking) before the event begins.

What do my agents need to do?

Agents will also be paid automatically from Muso as long as all bookings are confirmed in the calendar. All your agents have to do is:

  1. Book the gigs that are assigned to them and send the artist offers

  2. Make sure their artists confirm offers to lock in the booking

How can I check if a supplier has been paid for an event?

Check the booking in your venue calendar to make sure an offer was sent and accepted. All confirmed bookings will be included for payment; therefore if it's confirmed in the calendar, it will be paid.

Payment details are available by going to (...) 'More menu' and viewing 'Payments' Expand each month to view the individual supplier/artist payments made.

My artists/suppliers have questions, where should I direct them?

Once you've added the supplier to your venue roster, send out offers for new bookings. Suppliers will be notified of new offers received and need to accept the offer in Muso to confirm the booking.

After checking the above, for any direct supplier payment enquiries refer them email Muso at

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