Weekly Report - Detailed Overview

The Weekly Report is the most important part of the payment process. It is your final sign-off on the entertainment budgets and schedule from the previous week (Mon-Sun).

The charges in the report forms the invoice we send you (or your venue group head office if applicable) for payment.

It will be available from 5am each Monday and must be filled out by 9PM* each Monday. You must rate all gigs in order to make sure they are included for payment - this includes ‘Booked Gigs’ and ‘Unbooked Gigs’ sections.

*deadline for submitting your weekly timesheet may vary for different venues. Refer to your Muso instructions to confirm the cutoff for submitting your timesheet each week.

Booked Gigs vs Unbooked Gigs

The difference between these is very important.

  1. ‘Booked Gigs’ have been accepted by the supplier that was sent the offer

  2. ‘Unbooked Gigs’ are gigs where an offer was sent however was not accepted by the artist. This doesn't mean that they didn't go ahead so is up to you to enter into the report to be included on the invoice.

If you forget to add a gig, then either re-submit your weekly review by tapping the ‘Report’ icon on your side menu bar, or add it directly into your calendar and assign the correct artist. If this happens after the weekly report is closed it will be included on the following weekly timesheet.

What happens if I don’t review my Weekly Report in time?

Automatic acceptance and payment of ‘Booked Gigs’

If you miss your cut-off for the Weekly Report, all of the gigs listed in “Booked Gigs” will be automatically approved. This means that if there were any set time adjustments, these will need to be fixed via the Payment Discrepancies process.

If one of your gigs did not go ahead and you missed your cut-off, contact Muso Support via the Help icon as soon as possible to suspend payment.

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