Booking live music and entertainment is easy on Muso.

There are 3 steps in the Venue Managers process for directly booking artists/entertainment as well as a review of their events each week.

Step 1: Create and manage your venue roster

  1. invite existing suppliers and artists you've booked before

  2. find new artists on Muso Marketplace

  3. add into a central list, called the venue roster, for future bookings

View the detailed process in this Help article: How to set up and manage your venue roster

Step 2: Manage your venue booking calendar

  1. create new booking requests and enter all gig information

  2. set up event templates to save time when booking recurring event schedules

  3. add one off events or series of repeating events weeks or months in advance

Follow the process in this Help article: How to book and manage event bookings in your calendar

Step 3: send out Artist offers

  1. add the artist/supplier to the booking request in your calendar

  2. send out the offer to the artist to review

  3. once the artist accepts the offer the event is confirmed in the calendar!

Access this step of the booking process in this Help article: Set up and manage your venue roster

Weekly Timesheet review:

  1. Review gigs from previous week to sign off on event charges to be invoiced

  2. update gig details, add missed events and rate the artist

Read through the detailed process in this Help article: Submitting your Weekly Timesheet

Working with an Agent at your venue?

The booking process is slightly different for Venue Managers with agent booked events:

Venue Manager:

  1. Manage venue roster for other entertainment suppliers

  2. Create new events: (one off and recurring), flag for agent booking and assign agent

  3. Review weekly timesheet report


  1. Set up and manage their artist roster within the venue roster

  2. Receive notification of booking request from venue

  3. Add artist to booking

  4. Send out artist offers

Find the updated process in this Help article: How to assign a booking agent to your events

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