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How to create and manage bookings in your calendar
How to create and manage bookings in your calendar

Learn how to set up new booking requests in Muso by creating events

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There are different ways to create events; the way you do it depends on what kind of event you’re hosting:

  1. For one off/ad-hoc: create/add a new event directly into the calendar

  2. For on-going, repeated and/or recurring events: create and save event templates then drop template into the calendar from the top right corner onto the first date of the series and complete the remaining details to save as a recurring program of events.

How to create a new event:

  1. Start in your venue calendar

    1. Option 1: Click the purple 'New Event' button from the top left of the calendar

    2. Option 2: Hover mouse over date and + Add item then pick + New event

    3. Enter details in the 5 sections of the event card:

      1. Gig details: time, date, duration, name, event type

      2. Venue details: Make sure your venue name is listed in the second field and include any extra details about the venue contact, parking etc for artists to see

      3. Artist details: Select from music options (band, solo, DJ etc) or pick a supplier of other entertainment eg Trivia, Bingo, Karaoke, Poker and many more listed

      4. Equipment details: any equipment that is in your venue and/or everything the artist is required to bring on the night

      5. Budget and payment: amount the artist will see when offered the booking

      6. NOTE: Budget amount is entered exc GST and is the total amount to be paid for the total booking

      7. Agent booking: flag if engaging an existing booking agent and select from the list displayed

2. Check details then click Finalise to review booking terms and conditions then booking request will be saved into the venue calendar in draft status (grey background).

Event Templates

Templates are a handy way of saving details for regular events and repeating schedules. Event Templates are stored in the top right side of your calendar page:

  1. Create new templates:

    1. New users/venues: click '+' to 'Create template' for new set up

    2. Existing venues: click the pen to edit templates then 'Add Template'

  2. Select the day for the event

  3. Enter details within each section of the event form

  4. NOTE: Budget amount is entered exc GST

  5. Once complete, click Finish

Templates display in the top right of your calendar and can be dropped into new dates when needed. You can create as many templates as needed to manage all gigs for your venue throughout the year.

Creating new events from a template: (once template has been saved into your venue calendar)

Option 1: Select template, drag and drop into the calendar date

Option 2: Click on any date in the calendar, select event template from displayed list

  1. Confirm if setting up a single or recurring event

    1. Single: add details to the event card then save into calendar

    2. Recurring:

      1. select weekly/fortnightly and how many occurrences

      2. Auto top up: toggle Y for Muso to automatically recreate the same event series once the last scheduled date has concluded (new artist offers are still required to be sent for all new created top up dates)

      3. Click Create events and complete all details in the event card

  2. Wrong date selected? Hover mouse over the draft booking and click 'X' to delete from calendar and add new to the correct date


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Tip: Check out this article on how to view the status of the booking requests to stay on top of your booking calendar

Learn more about event templates and the event calendar in this video:

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