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How to add artist/supplier and send out booking offers
How to add artist/supplier and send out booking offers

After creating a pending booking request, add the artist/supplier profile before sending them an offer to review and accept in Muso.

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This is the most important step to lock in the booking into your venue calendar:

When sending an offer to your selected artist or entertainment supplier, some of the details listed in the event card are visible, including the budget amount. The offer must be accepted by the artist/supplier to confirm the booking in the venue calendar. If the supplier doesn't accept the offer before the event date they risk delaying or missing payment. When viewing in the calendar, draft events have grey background then display 'offer' text pending offer acceptance. When the artist offer is accepted, the booking is confirmed and will automatically update to white in the calendar.

Note: All artists and supplier profiles should already be added to your venue roster prior to adding them to a booking request. If needed, follow the guide here for how to set up and manage your venue roster of artists and suppliers.

  1. Start by viewing your calendar of draft events (set up from this detailed guide).

Draft/unbooked events display grey on the calendar, like in this example:

2. Add artist/supplier to booking request and send out offer:

This can be done a few different ways from the venue calendar in Muso.

  1. Click on the '+' on a draft event and select the artist from your venue roster then click Send offer(s) from bottom right of page

  2. Drag and drop the artist tile from 'My Acts' onto the draft booking then click Send offer(s) from bottom right of the page

    1. Note: only relevant artist profile types can be added to draft bookings in the calendar ie Music requests will only allow music artists to be added and other entertainment types must have matching artist types eg Trivia gig needs a Trivia host profile added.

3. Once an offer is sent out the booking will display '1 Offer' and background remains grey, as in this example:

Can more than one offer be sent?

Generally, if the supplier is expecting the offer there's no need to send out more than one. However, you can send out offers to multiple suppliers to open up to a larger group of artists. In this situation, the first to accept the offer will be the confirmed supplier for the booking and everyone else misses the opportunity.

Viewing confirmed bookings

Once the artist has accepted the offer, the booking background colour will update to white, like this one:

TIP: Review the calendar regularly in case the supplier cancels the booking. Email notification is sent and the booking will display a red '!' as an alert to choose a different supplier and send a new offer out.

Handy hint: Recognising booking tile colours provides an easy way to view your calendar and check the status of any/all bookings at a glance. See all examples here

Note: If the supplier is unavailable they should decline the offer as soon as possible so you can find an alternate supplier and send them an offer for the event.

The Muso gig feed: finding artists who have expressed interest in your booking request

If you are unsure who to book, add your gig to the gig feed and allow time to gain interest from Muso artists who are looking for new gig opportunities on our Marketplace. Once a gig is on the gig feed, musicians will apply for it and their profiles will start appearing in the event card within 'Interested Artists'. You can then browse the artists and pick one who to send offers to.

Remember: if sending multiple offers the first artist who accepts their offer will be confirmed in the calendar for that event. When accepted this locks in their payment amount (event budget).

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