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How to assign a booking agent to your events
How to assign a booking agent to your events

If you work with a booking agent, you'll need to flag the events and assign the agent.

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To flag an event as agent booked, you must first invite the agent/s to your venue roster. Agents require a Muso account and profile to be set up before being assigned to book their artist into your event on your behalf.

How to flag an agent booked event and assign the agent:

This can be added when creating new events or by updating an existing unbooked event in your calendar.

  1. Within the Event form (new or edit), go to the Budget and Payment section

  2. Toggle Y to set up agent booking permissions

  3. Select the agent from the displayed list

  4. Save

Agent events display on the calendar in purple, like this example:

When you assign an agent to your booking, they'll receive an email alert from Muso with the gig details. The agent will then log into your venue calendar to book the events they've been assigned to. This means that Venue Managers don't add artists to agent gigs as the agent will add their artists and send out the offer.

Viewing confirmed agent bookings:

As with direct bookings, the booking tile changes to white once the artist has accepted the offer and it's confirmed in your calendar, as below:

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