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Agents: How to manage bookings in Muso
Agents: How to manage bookings in Muso

Booking process for Agents assigned to book for venue groups

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Step 1: Create and manage your artist roster

  1. Agent invite their artists into Muso via the invite new supplier process

  2. Agent creates list of managed artists to set up venue rosters

View the detailed process in this Help article: How to set up and manage your venue roster

If you want to manage your artist profiles on their behalf, refer to this guide: How to manage artist profiles

Step 2: Manage your venue booking calendar

When the venue manager assigns you as the booking agent, you'll receive an email notification the following morning.

  1. Log into your Muso agent account and navigate to the venue calendar

  2. Locate the draft event/s on the calendar and click to view the event details

  3. Confirm the artist brief, budget and event information

Step 3: send out Artist offers

  1. Add the artist to the booking request from your Venue Roster

  2. Send out the offer to the artist to review and accept

  3. Once the artist accepts the offer the event is confirmed in the calendar

Access this step of the booking process in this Help article: Set up and manage your venue roster

Venue Manager:

Reviews all booked event charges via their Weekly Timesheet every Monday, amends any booking details and submits event charges to Head office for payment.


  1. Manages artists communications and booking for associated venues

  2. If Agent is to receive payment for their artist bookings (and pay their artists directly) contact Muso to set this up in the platform

  3. Artists can be paid directly by Muso instead of paying Agent

  4. If Agents receive regular payment for agency booking fees from Head Office, add a placeholder booking for management fees and enter the amount into the budget field.

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