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How to install the Muso gig guide widget
How to install the Muso gig guide widget

Automate your venue event promotions using Muso marketing tools

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Muso has released marketing tools for venues to automate event promotions in real-time onto your website through a simple copy and paste of a code snippet. All bookings, edits, and cancellations will be instantly reflected on your website once the widget is live so you'll save time as changes will display automatically.

Step 1: Design your gig guide widget

  1. Go to (...) more menu and go to Your Gig Guide Widget to access the creator

  2. Click 'New +' and add a label into the 'Widget name' field

  3. Adjust the widget settings to match your venue website design:

    1. Presentation options include:

      • borders

      • colours

      • size

      • rows

      • scroll direction and style

    2. If you have access to multiple venues in your Muso account, select the venues for gigs to be included in the widget display

      1. constrain by specific artist types to only show certain acts/groups

  4. Choose the Heading and sub heading information to display different fields from booked gig data

  5. Link your online booking or reservations system by adding the URL into the 'Button' field and select the button label display option. If used, the link will open in a new tab

  6. The widget will preview below the creator tool so you can view changes as you go

  7. Once you're happy with the widget preview display, click Save

  8. The widget code will display above the preview box, and prompt to copy code

    TIP: click the 'i' to view information about how to use the widget code and add to your venue website

Step 2: How to install the widget onto your venue website:

  1. Copy the code from the widget code box using the "Copy code" button.

  2. Paste the code into your website's HTML where you want the widget to appear

  3. The widget will expand horizontally to fill available space. Place the widget inside a width-restricted container to control it. Setting the width directly on the iframe tag is also possible but not advised. The height of the widget is determined by the size of the events cards and number of rows specified in the presentation settings

Note: Muso Widgets are currently in beta

Watch the tutorial here to see how to create a gig guide widget in Muso

If you have any questions, suggestions or need help installing your widget, please let us know by asking a question below or email

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