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Who pays my suppliers & artists after the event?
Who pays my suppliers & artists after the event?

Muso pays artists & entertainment suppliers on behalf of the venue. Learn how automatic supplier payments work

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Muso automates the invoice process for musicians/entertainment suppliers, so you won't receive any more supplier invoices as all entertainment is booked on Muso.

Here's how this works:

Muso Entertainment booking process

  1. Venue Manager adds new booking into calendar:

  1. Add new event/s into venue calendar, including budget and set times

  2. Select the artist/entertainment supplier and add them to the event

  3. Send out an offer; the offer provides the artist/supplier with all the event details including the budget amount they will be paid

2. Entertainment supplier/artist accepts offer:

(after creating a Muso profile to receive new offers)

  1. Supplier accepts offer to confirm the event in the venue calendar

  2. Artist/supplier completes the event, Muso generates invoicing details on their behalf

3. Checking invoice charges: Venue Managers

To ensure invoice charges are correct, the Weekly Timesheet is provided to Venue Managers every Monday. This is a consolidated report of charges for all booked acts from the previous week that Venue Managers are required to review. For any changes to booked gigs, Venue Managers submit any amendments needed by the cutoff time/deadline.

4. Automated Payment

After Weekly Timesheets are submitted, invoicing is automated and payment made to Muso. When funds have settled, Muso pays all artists/suppliers directly on behalf of the venue and provides email confirmation and remittance.

If your venue is part of a group where Head office approves event charges for payment, the consolidated invoice will be sent to Head Office. If your venue receives their own invoice, this will be generated and emailed to the accounts contact at the venue.

When does the artist/supplier receive payment?

Most supplier payments are made approx. 14 days from when the event took place. Please refer to the Artist Payment Cheat Sheet for further information.

Note - if you have received an invoice in error, do not process for payment as will cause double payment. Muso handles all payments for bookings on the platform so after checking the event is confirmed in the venue calendar please advise the supplier that payment will be made automatically and not to send invoices for future bookings.

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