Sharing your booked events to Facebook

How to share your booked events to Facebook as a venue

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We've introduced new Muso marketing tools to make it easier to promote your venues events and amplify your entertainment. In a few clicks, share your booked events to your venue Facebook page for instant exposure.

How to share your Muso event/s to your venue Facebook page:

  1. View the event card for the confirmed booking

  2. Click 'Marketing' on the top right of the event card screen

  3. Customise your marketing message and URL for your Facebook post

    • It's recommended that you link the artist profile to the URL

    • The image used for your Facebook post will be the hero image on the URL that you link

  4. Select the 'Facebook' button near the bottom of the screen

  5. Select where you'd like to share your Facebook post, e.g a page or your personal newsfeed

  6. Add a quick sentence or two about the event

  7. Review your post and select 'Post to Facebook' to share your post on the selected page

  8. All events that have been shared to Facebook will display 'done' in Muso

Check out a video walkthrough showing how to do this here

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