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Help! Something is not working...
Help! Something is not working...

For any problems, issues, bugs or functionality problems.

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Need support?

If you're experiencing trouble with any Muso pages, please let us know ASAP so we can log the issue and get it fixed for you.

Click on the help icon to request assistance from our in-app chat in the bottom right hand corner OR send us an email at

Here's what to do:

Send the following information to Muso so we can help.

These details are important as help diagnose what could be happening.

  1. Provide details about what you are experiencing: error messages displayed, what happens in the system, what you were trying to do

  2. Include a screenshot or video recording of what you are seeing when the issue occurs

  3. Confirm the device (mobile or web) and browser you're using

  4. Log in and out of the session. For mobile users, uninstall and reinstall the Muso mobile app and confirm you've taken steps before contacting Muso

We'll confirm we've received your details and keep you updated with progress until resolved.

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