Do entertainment suppliers have to pay to create an account?

It's completely free to create a Muso account. This includes your Muso profile, calendar and access to booking tools.

How does Muso make money?

Muso charges a 15% commission for new events for Muso artists/suppliers (eg not invited from a venue) that are booked on Muso. We do not take any commission if a supplier is invited into the platform by an existing venue.

Muso is now being used by a venue that I host events at, what changes?

It essentially changes nothing about the nature of the event. We do not take commission on bookings that come from a pre-existing relationship. The only thing that changes is your booking will now be managed through Muso, giving you access to automated invoicing, payment and booking tools.

How does Muso make booking entertainment easier?

Muso is built to make the admin side of entertainment easy. All your bookings are organised in one central place with all the event detail at your fingertips, including equipment and contact details. The booking offer is agreed upfront and locked in and payment is automated. No more generating invoices and chasing payment.

How does payment work on Muso?

Payment on Muso is completely automated and secure. An invoice is automatically raised for the supplier and sent to the hirer at the completion of the event; Muso ensures it is paid. Payment on Muso is guaranteed and secure, and all payments are pre-authorised, meaning there are no nasty surprises when the payment comes through. You receive the whole amount of what was expected, on time, every time, without the admin.

When will I get paid from Muso?

Expect payment within 14 business days if you're booked at a venue that is part of a larger group. This is due to the timeframes set by the venue Head office for payment approval processes before payment is made to Muso. Muso pays artists and suppliers as soon as funds settle in our bank account. Suppliers can expect payment of the agreed amount in their account 1-2 business days after payment has been made to Muso. For more detail refer to the Artist Payment cheatsheet

Does Muso directly pay the artist/supplier or is it the venue owner?

The venue pays Muso, Muso pays the artist/supplier. This is done to ensure that the payment liability falls on Muso and guarantees payment for the artist. By doing this Muso incurs the financial risk on behalf of the artist/supplier to ensure they gets paid on time every time.

Is Muso secure?

Yes, Muso is secure. All user data is encrypted and protected under our privacy policy. All payments are made via PinPayments, a secure 3rd party gateway.

What do I need to do when it's tax time?

Muso stores all of your payment information within your profile. You can export your payment data when preparing for tax time to keep an accurate track of your earnings for the year. If you have an ABN and are registered for GST, make sure to add these details to your profile when creating it to avoid withholding GST on payments made to you. Find out more about how to do this in this article: Filtering and exporting payment details

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