Automated payment process for venues

Artists & suppliers invoicing and payment process

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Booked gigs must have an offer accepted by the artist

To request an artist/supplier for an event, the venue sends them an offer. When the artist/supplier accepts the offer the gig is confirmed into the venue calendar. Invoicing and payment is automated for events that have been accepted by the supplier from the venue offer.

How this works

At the completion of the event, an invoice is generated and automatically sent to the venue/head office, saving the artist/supplier having to do themselves. The invoice is paid to Muso from the venue and then Muso will pay all artists/suppliers directly.

Payment for artists with agents

Muso will pay artists directly unless they have an Agent, in which case Muso can pay the Agent if arranged prior.

Payment confirmation

An email confirmation and remittance is provided for each payment. Details are available in the artist/suppliers Muso profile with the ability to filter, download and reconcile past payments.

What this means for artist/suppliers

Suppliers no longer invoice the venue directly. Instead, Muso takes care of this on their behalf with an automated invoicing process. To recap, venues should not accept/process supplier invoices for events booked on Muso. This creates confusion and risks duplicate payments which may incur an admin fee to reverse and resolve billing issues.

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