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Getting familiar with Muso terminology
Getting familiar with Muso terminology

Before starting to book, get familiar with common terms used in the Muso platform

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Common terms in Muso:


Sent from the venue to artists/suppliers when requesting to book them for their event. The offer includes all booking details via the event card including times/ budget/ venue/ equipment/ vibe/ parking/ loading point/ venue contacts and more.

Venue Roster:

List of favourite/chosen artists and suppliers, created by the Venue Manager and saved for their venue. They use this to have quick access and select artists to add to new booking requests.

Artist/supplier profile:

Every entertainment supplier requires an activated Muso account, associated to their email and at least one artist/supplier profile set up.

Muso offers the ability to have multiple artist profiles associated to your account for scenarios such as DJs or musicians who play solo but who also play in a group, where each are booked under separate profiles but linked to the same account.

Booking request:

Venues create new booking requests by completing the details in the event card before saving to their venue calendar. Booking requests are draft events and not confirmed until the venue sends an artist/supplier offer and they accept it .


Entertainment and music performances, shows and/or games as booked on Muso by adding into the venue calendar, then adding an artist/supplier to perform/host.


Same as events, more commonly used for live music.

Muso Marketplace:

Central database of Muso artists (music) who are available for new bookings. Hirers can search and discover new acts to book in their venue.

Event card:

All details about the event as provided by the venue when setting up in their calendar. Visible to artists/suppliers when they receive a booking offer.

Venue calendar/booking calendar:

Dates managed by the Venue Manager for entertainment bookings in their venue.

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