How to send out artist offers

Create an event, add the artist then send out an offer, with all event details, for them to accept

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This is the key step to locking in a gig booking to your venue calendar.

By sending out a gig offer to your selected artist, they're able to review the details you've listed in the event card, including the budget amount. Bookings are only confirmed when the artist accepts the offer so if not done in time the system will not include the gig in the invoice, which may cause delays with artist payments.

Draft/unbooked events display grey on the calendar, like this example:

Add artist to booking and send offer:

This can be done a few different ways from the venue calendar in Muso.

  1. Click on the + on a draft event and select the artist from your venue roster then click Send offer(s) from bottom right of page

  2. Drag and drop the artist tile from 'My Acts' onto the draft booking then click Send offer(s) from bottom right of the page

    1. Do not use the submit for approval button as this is no longer supported

  3. Click on the booking tile and open, select the artist and click to send offer

    1. this option allows you to send offers for multiple events

Once the offer is sent out the booking will display the flag 1 offer sent, background remains grey such as in this example:

Viewing confirmed bookings

Once the artist has accepted the offer, the booking background colour will update to white, like this one:

TIP: Recognising booking tile colours provides an easy way to view your calendar and check the status of any/all bookings at a glance. See all examples here

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