Step 1:

Venue Manager adds new dates into their venue calendar in Muso to create a new booking request.

  • Event details include date, time & event budget as well as contact details on the night, equipment and loading details

Step 2:

After selecting the entertainment supplier, Venue Manager adds the supplier profile to the booking request in the calendar then sends out the booking offer to the supplier

Step 3:

Supplier receives notification of new booking offers via email and Muso in app notification. Supplier logs into Muso to review and accept the booking offer

Step 4:

Once accepted, the booking is confirmed in the venue calendar and Venue Manager is notified via email.

Confirmed bookings are included for invoicing and payment at the completion of the event (no action needed from supplier)

  • If the booking is not wanted, the supplier should decline the offer so that the venue can send to other available suppliers.

  • If the budget offer is incorrect, contact the venue to discuss before accepting the offer in the system. If needed, Venue Managers can adjust the offer amount, however can only update the offer amount up until it’s been accepted by the supplier as this locks in the booking into the system.

After the event:

At the completion of the event, Muso takes care of invoicing on behalf of all suppliers. Do not issue any invoices to the venue. Payment will be made automatically for all confirmed bookings in the venue calendar and confirmation sent via email when paid.

Weekly Event Review:

  • Venue Managers are responsible for reviewing the week's event details and charge amounts every Monday (for the week prior).

  • If needed, amendments can be made before rating each booking and submitting charges for review and payment.

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