Late added gigs

Missed bookings and pending offers are not included on the weekly invoice and will be flagged as late booked if added or confirmed after the event date. In these cases, charges may be delayed from invoicing which extends the timeframe to receive payment.

If a venue adds a booking for you into their calendar after the event date, confirms details late or you've missed accepting the offer your payments may be delayed. Muso will automatically email notification when a venue has added a past booking so you know when to expect settlement. We’ll also follow up with the venue to ensure they add their bookings on time to avoid any payment delays in future.

Make sure to check your ‘Earnings’ screen to view updates on all outstanding payments before contacting Muso Support. If a gig has been added late, you’ll see a ‘Late’ text tag in the ‘Event Date’ column. Payment for gigs added late is approx 14 days after the date added to Muso.

*This is currently only available from web view and not yet released within mobile apps

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