Show potential hirers link/s to check out your social channels so they can see how may likes/followers and learn more about your artist style and performances.

Things to check before connecting your socials in Muso:

  • You will need a Facebook Business and Instagram Business account

  • The Instagram Business account must be linked to a Facebook Page you are an Admin or Moderator for

  • Log in to the Facebook account that has access to the Facebook Page and Instagram Business account you will be connecting to Muso

  • Personal pages cannot be saved to your Muso artist profile

IMPORTANT: You can only link to social media accounts that you own or are an authorised admin for. You cannot add links to public pages or accounts that you do not have permission to use.

Connect your pages in Muso after authorising Facebook to link to your Facebook and Instagram Business Accounts. Complete the steps to determine the security and access settings for Muso in Facebook following the prompts displayed.

Adding/updating using Muso webview/desktop:

View your artist profile and scroll down to the 'About' section. Click 'edit' to add new or updating existing social media links. Refer to details above on how this works.

Using the Muso mobile app:

View your artist profile then 'Add socials accounts'. Next to Social tap 'Add >'

Facebook: In order to connect your FB business page, follow the prompts in Muso to log into your personal FB account first. After signing in, Muso will automatically display which pages you can select to connect, based on what you have access to/manage in FB.

Instagram: After logging in and authorising Facebook above, Muso will automatically display which IG business pages your account has access to select and link.

YouTube: add your username or link the URL for your YouTube channel

Spotify: add your username or link the URL for your Spotify channel

How to confirm your socials are linked correctly:

Check that the number of likes on your FB page matches what's shown on your artist profile by scrolling down to your socials section on your Muso artist profile page. This is the same for IG.

Note that this is not an automatic redirect that will open the linked page in that channel however gives viewers the ability to copy your saved links and open in a new page.

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